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Peatmoor Peg 74
Peatmoor - 20 pegs
New venue release schedule
Half Moon Lake
Lavender titles will be released soon.
The release of Loch Derg will be the last default venue released. All further releases will be for the Pro version only.
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The Fendrod - 23 pegs
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Holgan Farm Download
Holgan Farm - 7 pegs
Holgan Farm
Mixed baitsMixed baits
Mixed baitsMixed baitsMixed baits
Mixed baitsMixed baitsMixed baitsMixed baits
Mixed baitsMixed baitsMixed baits
Mixed baitsMixed baits
Mixed baits
Mixed baitsMixed baits
Kennet & Avon Canal - Claverton
Claverton Download
Claverton -15 pegs
Seend - 8 pegs
Willows Section - K&A Canal
Millennium Coastal Park - Llanelli 6 pegs
Small Carp Lake, Llanelli
Bowood - 10 pegs
Bowood House Lake
Please contact with any problems with these downloads, do not contact Fishing Simulator creator.
River Marden - 17 pegs
River Marden
Bristol Avon - Chippenham, 12 pegs
Chippenham Download
Bristol Avon - Chippenham
River Neckar - Frankfurt, 4 pegs
River Neckar, Frankfurt
Kennet & Avon Canal - Little Bedwyn, 8 pegs
Little Bedwyn Download
Kennet & Avon Canal, Little Bedwyn
Half Round Pond
Half Round Pond -
8 pegs
Half Round Pond
Mixed baits - Marzipan, Peach Boilie, Meatball,  Mackerel Flapper, Punch, Tares, Fishmeal & Cloud groundbaits
Singleton Park Boating Lake- 9 pegs

Singleton Park Boating Lake
Brynmill Park- 9 pegs
Brynmill Download
River Thames, Radcot
River Thames-Radcot
Kennet & Avon Canal, Froxfield
Froxfield Download
River Thames - Radcot, 10 pegs
K&A Canal, Froxfield, 12 pegs
River Thames - Clanfield
River Thames, Clanfield
River Thames - Clanfield, 8  pegs
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Kennet & Avon Canal - Wootton Rivers
Kennet & Avon Canal - Wootton Rivers, 6 pegs
Wootton Rivers
Kennet& Avon Canal - Brimslade
Kennet & Avon Canal - Brimslade, 7 pegs
Kennet & Avon Canal - Brimslade
Kennet & Avon Canal - All Cannings
Kennet & Avon Canal All Cannings, 6 pegs
Kennet&Avon Canal - Farmers, 6 pegs
Kennet & Avon Canal - Farmers, 6 pegs
Farmers Download
Witherington Farm
Witherington  Farm- pegs 1-4
Witherington Farm
Lacock Abbey
Bristol Avon, Lacock Abbey - 10 pegs
Pig Farm
Pig Farm, 6 pegs
Sabre Lake
Gloucester Canal - Castle
Sabre Lake - 14 pegs
Gloucester Canal, Castle stretch - 11 pegs
Sword Lake
Sword lake - 14 pegs
Sword Lake
Birkwood Nurseries
Birkwood Nurseries - 8 pegs
Birkwood Nurseries
River Traun
River Traun - 11 pegs
River Traun Download
River Marden - Upstream
River Marden - Upstream
Blythe Lakes - 11 pegs
Blythe Lakes
Blyhe Lakes Download
Liden Lagoon
Liden Lagoon- 8 pegs
Liden Lagoon
River Soar, Sutton Bonnington
River Soar, Sutton Bonnington -
pegs 1 - 10
River Soar, pegs 1-10
River Soar, pegs 11-17
River Soar pegs 11-17
River Soar - pegs 11 -17
Spye Park
Spye Park - 5 pegs
Spye Park Download
Docklow Pools
Docklow Pools
Docklow Pools- 15 pegs
Rackerhayes - 8 pegs
River Thames - Lechlade
River Thames - Lechlade, 13 pegs
Burbrook Reservoir
Burbrook Reservoir
Burbrook Reservoir - 8 pegs
Kennet & Avon CAnal, Avington
Kennet & Avon Canal
Avington - 9 pegs
Avington Download
Lazienki Park, Warsaw
Lazienki Park, Warsaw - 5 pegs
Lazienki Park, Warsaw
Wilesa River, Warsaw
Wilesa River, Warsaw - 4 pegs
Wilesa River, Warsaw
Kennet & Avon Canal, Wolfhall - 10 pegs
Kennet & Avon Canal - Black Horse Pound, 6 pegs
Black Horse Pound
Port Talbot Docks
Port Talbot Docks - 4 pegs
Orchard Farm
Orchard Farm- 6 pegs
by Blanco
Orchard Farm Download
Hardings, River Marden
Hardings - River Marden - 7 pegs
Hardings Download
Great Bedwyn
Kennet & Avon Canal -Great Bedwyn
11 pegs
Great Bedwyn Download
Silverlands - 11 pegs
River Scarriff
River Scarriff - 14 pegs
River Scarriff Download
Doon Lake
Doon Lake - 4 pegs
Doon Lake - Coming soon
Lake Kallavesi, Kuopio, Finland
Lake Kallavesi  - 17 pegs
Lake Kallavesi - coming soon
Kings Langley
Grand Union Canal - Kings Langley - 4 pegs
GUC KIngs Langley
Pugneys Water Park - 13 pegs
Loch Derg - 16 pegs